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Meeting tables are versatile pieces that play a variety of helpful roles. In small offices, they can serve as conference tables — bringing team members and clients together for collaboration. In a large space, a custom meeting table off to the side of a conference table can manage more intimate meetings or breakout sessions. A small meeting table can also serve as a secondary workstation in an executive suite or home office.

Why Choose a Custom Meeting Table?

Modern Triangular Conference Table, 3 sided tables and Triangular meeting room tables with Glass tops
Crescent Tr-Arced Meeting Table

A custom meeting table gives you the flexibility to design the ideal workspace for your office. When you work with Stoneline Designs, we will get to know your space. What makes it unique? What challenges does it present? We will consider how you will be using your table, and we will design a custom piece of furniture that is right for you.

If your space is small or awkwardly shaped, we can design a meeting table that maximizes space and functionality.  For instance, using an oval, tri-arced or racetrack table top can make the most of smaller or unusual-shaped rooms.

Often, smaller meeting or occasional tables are situated in a corner of a larger room or office. We will consider the other furniture in the room and your overall design aesthetic when we choose the look and materials of your custom meeting table.

Modern Meeting Table Design

At Stoneline Designs, we approach every piece of contemporary office furniture we create with a fresh, modern approach. We use innovative combinations of glass, wood, metal and stone to create functional pieces that are made to stand the test of time while also creating visual impact.

Our meeting tables can be combined with other pieces from our collections to create a cohesive office, conference room, executive office or home office.

Stone or Glass top Office Meeting room Tables and Modern Office furniture
Axis Meeting Table

Power and Integrated Technology

wiring trough on conference table
Wiring Trough

Stoneline Designs' custom meeting tables can be designed to incorporate power and technology. We make it comfortable to gather around the table — regardless of table size — without the hassle and clutter of cords.

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We build every Stoneline Designs table to order, providing limitless combinations of size, shape, base style, and tabletop material. Visit our gallery to view examples of work we've done for recent clients.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you begin the process of designing a custom meeting table for your space.

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