Custom Conference Table Size Guide

When it comes to conference room space planning, your conference table size is your primary decision. A conference table needs to provide ample space for effective collaboration with your team and clients. It should be large enough to fill your space but sized properly to allow comfortable traffic flow and space for technology.

At Stoneline Designs, we work closely with our clients to determine the best custom conference table size for your space and needs. Our team of designers will begin by asking you in-depth questions based on three primary considerations:

  • Your conference room configuration and size
  • The number of people you typically need to seat
  • Additional office furniture and technology needs
An Apex Conference Table by Stoneline Designs makes a statement in a conference room.

Conference Room Configuration and Size

A floorplan showing your conference room configuration will help Stoneline Designs determine the appropriate conference table size.

The first step in determining your table size is considering your conference room configuration. When we work with clients, it is helpful for us to see a floor plan so that we can examine traffic flow – we know that not all rooms are perfect rectangles, and we can help you creatively maximize your conference room space. When considering your conference room configuration, make sure to take doors, columns, and other permanent obstructions into consideration. On your floor plan, block off space for open doors and closets.

We suggest planning for at least 40" of space between the edge of the conference table and the wall – all the way around the table. This provides enough space for a person to walk comfortably between the wall and an occupied chair. If possible, more space is better both for convenience and aesthetics. Note that your conference table does not have to be placed in the center of your room – you can allow more clearance on one or both sides (and less on one or both ends) as long as you stick to the 40” minimum.

Conference Table Size Based on Conference Room Size

The following chart provides general conference table sizing guidelines based on the size of your conference room. In general, with larger conference rooms, we suggest allowing for more clearance space around your table.  Note that the distances listed below are on each side and end of the table.

Less than 16 feet 42" 48"
16 — 22 feet 48" 60"
More than 22 feet 60" 72"

Number of Seats at the Table

How many people need to use your conference room table? When determining the number of seats at the table, we assume all four sides of the table are being used for seating.

We use the following guide to determine the space needed for each person at your conference table:

  • Absolute minimum: 30" per chair. The space will feel tight.
  • More common and more comfortable: 36" per chair.
  • Generous: 42" — 48" feels more spacious and provides room to spread out papers, a laptop, etc.
How to size a Stoneline Conference Table Illustration
A 12.5-foot table will fit five people along each side and one at each end using minimum spacing guidelines.

Additional Conference Room Office Furniture and Technology Needs

Think of all of the ways you will use your conference room. Some questions to consider:

  • Will you be using a screen on one or more walls?
  • Do you provide food and beverages during meetings?
  • Do you need a space for formal presentations?

How you use your conference room space will determine what additional office furniture you need in the space, including the following:

Once you have determined your conference table size, it’s time to start thinking about your conference table design, including top shape and materials, table base, and chairs. 

Considering purchasing a custom conference table? The Stoneline Designs team will help you each step of the way.

Contact us today to get started.

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