Conference Table Design Guide

Each Stoneline Designs conference table is custom designed and handcrafted in America to our clients’ specifications. We will walk you through each step of the process, but in general, once you have determined the right conference table size for your space, there are four choices to make when it comes to conference table design:

  1. Top Shape
  2. Base Design
  3. Materials and Finishes
  4. Power and Technology Options

1. Conference Table Top Shapes

The conference table top shape you choose will be determined by your style preference, the shape and size of your conference room, and the intended use of the table. Stoneline Designs offers a variety of conference table shapes, all custom fabricated to meet your specific needs.

Rectangular and Square Tops

Rectangles and squares are the most space-efficient shapes, maximizing the number of seats at the table. For very large spaces (or when seating large numbers of people) rectangles are more efficient than squares because people are seated more closely across from each other, wasting less space in the center.

Stoneline Designs Rectangular and Square conference table tops.

Boat-Shaped Tops

Boat-shaped conference table tops seat the same number of people as similarly-sized rectangular tops. If your conference room is large enough to accommodate a slightly wider table, a boat-shaped table allows people to more easily see or address others seated at the table without having to lean forward.

Stoneline Designs Boat Shape Conference Table Tops

Circular, Racetrack, and Oval Tops

Circles, racetrack-shaped and oval conference table tops are less efficient when it comes to the number of people able to be seated at the table. However, they lend themself to collaboration and can work well depending on the size and shape of the room where the table will be installed.

Stoneline Designs Racetop Conference Table Tops

Specialty Shapes

Table tops can be cut to almost any shape that fits your space, style, and purpose.

Tri-round tops provide an interesting alternative to round tables. U-shaped and V-shaped tables work well in larger formats, often when space is needed at one end for a speaker standing at a lectern or for positioning a screen/camera combination for video conferencing.

Stoneline Designs offers custom conference table designs in a variety of shapes and materials.

2. Conference Table Base Design

Stoneline Designs offers a variety of collections, each centered on a unique, modern base design. Browse the collections to see which conference table base design suits your style and space. Note that each of our collections features additional office furniture to complement your custom conference table.

Stoneline Designs conference table designs, by collection..

3. Conference Table Top Materials

Stoneline Designs can fabricate your conference table top in wood, granite or glass. We choose the highest quality tabletop materials to complement our modern conference table designs.

Our available wood species include Maple, Ash, Oak, and Walnut. Our glass options are varied: We offer clear, acid etched, back-painted, frosted, crosshatched (textured) as well as multi-layer fusion glass (seen below) that is available with four different bottom textures.

Fusion Glass Types
Fusion Glass Types

4. Conference Table Power and Technology Options

Looking for a conference table with power? All of our custom conference tables are available with optional wiring to discretely provide access to power, phone, and/or data. How the wiring harness is integrated with the table support(s) depends on the size and shape of the table (or other piece of executive office furniture). Shown from left to right below, the options are a pass-through hole, a wiring grommet, and a wiring trough.

table base wiring options

Thinking about purchasing a custom conference table? The Stoneline Designs team will help you each step of the way.

Contact us today to get started.

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