About Charleston Forge

Charleston Forge is a preeminent manufacturer of handmade steel and wood furniture. Started in 1984 by Susan and Art Barber, Charleston Forge is known for its award-winning designs and impeccable quality. Sturdy, hand-built steel frames, solid wood tops and shelves, a wide range of exquisite glass options, and high-quality upholstery come together to create beautiful furniture that lasts for generations.

Drawing on age-old blacksmithing and metalworking techniques, each piece of furniture is built to order, by hand, in the company’s Boone, North Carolina factory. There is no automation and no assembly line -- just individual, painstaking attention to detail from start to finish by talented craftspeople.

In 2019, Charleston Forge acquired Stoneline Designs. Together in their factory in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charleston Forge and Stoneline Designs provide the highest quality, handcrafted furnishings to residential and commercial clients.

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