Creating a Custom Podium

custom lecterns and custom podiums by Stoneline Designs

Some Tips to Make Your Podium Perfect

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Public speaking can be nerve wracking enough, have one less thing to worry about with a custom podium to suit your speaker’s needs. Whether for a life coach, politician, actor, or even your average public speaking student- the design can make or break any speech. If it doesn’t have enough space for cue cards or print outs, the correct height for the speaker, or even if it isn’t equipped for the presentation needs any presenter might have- it can turn a major event, into a major meltdown.

Choices for a Custom Podium Base

Do you prefer a the strong, classic look that a wooden base projects, or the clean lines of our modern stainless steel pedestals?  Options such as doors and shelves can be included in some custom podiums, giving you storage place for things such as pointers, pens and remote controls.

Glass or Stone Podium Top

Further customize your podium by choosing a top.  Our podiums are custom built with your choice of a glass or stone top.  A few of our glass choices include Clear, Frosted (Green or Blue), and our signature “Scratched” Glass tops which are available with a Clear border.  If you prefer the look of stone, you can choose from Absolute Black Granite, Cleft Black Slate and Honed Jerusalem Limestone.  The stone tops have a Blasted or Hand-chiseled border.

Display Your Logo

It’s all about the brand. Do you want a just everyday, ordinary podium that you can find anywhere or do want everyone to know your brand when you see the podium? We can further customize your modern lectern  by adding the logo for your company or school to make the podium truly one of a kind.

Integrate Technology into Your Custom Podium

People walk around with the access to the whole world, in the palm of their hands: with a click of an app, they can know the answer to any question or see streaming video from anywhere in the world. With access to all that information, and all those resources buzzing in the pockets of people everywhere, why should all of that stop when they approach the podium?

At Stoneline Designs, we offer conference tables with power, but we also offer podiums with power. Consider customizing your podium for the modern world by adding media capability. Just having the ability to plug your laptop to the projector from the podium can make the most complicated presentation, incredibly easy. What’s more, adding the ability to attach sound, and all other controls can allow you to do truly innovative presentations.

These are just a few ways you can customize your lectern or podium. With Stoneline Designs, you can make sure you can have a custom podium that is truly unique.