Stone Care: Protect and Maintain a Benjamin Grey Stone Table Top

Jerusalem Grey Stone table top

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Stoneline’s Benjamin Grey Stone is a warm grey stone from Jerusalem with soft veining in a sweeping pattern over the whole surface. It is an excellent choice for a unique conference table, executive desk, occasional table or infrequently used formal dining table. Benjamin Grey is a medium hard stone and some scratching can occur. We recommend coasters and placemats to protect your stone table top.

Everyday Cleaning

For general cleaning the stone can be wiped down with water, a little soap and a soft sponge. Dish washing soap and warm water will remove fingerprints and most other oily spots. Very stubborn stains can be removed with a bristle scrub brush and cleanser such as Ajax. (This type of cleaning however will remove the luster and the finish will have to be reapplied.)

Periodic Maintenance

Repeated washing on highly used table tops will slowly wear off the sealer. The surface may eventually appear duller. For periodic maintenance , we recommend applying another coat of mineral oil to your unique conference table. Frequency depends on use but approximately once every two years for an occasionally used dining table.

To reapply mineral oil top coat, mix Watco Natural interior oil finish (Woodworkers Supply 800-645-9292) with 20% Mineral Spirits and apply a thin coat. Wipe off the excess with a clean rag. Buff the surface with a dry rag until there are no puddles or beads of oil. Any oil that dries on the surface will appear glossy and the procedure will need to be repeated. Let dry 24 hours.

Re-Sealing The Finish

If a problem such as a stubborn stain occurs, it may be necessary to re-seal the finish. First wash the top thoroughly with a clean, soft sponge and warm soapy water. (Tough oil stains may need to be scrubbed out with a bristle brush and Ajax.) Use Acetone (or stripper purchased from HMK) to strip the finish only if it is necessary. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all residue from the cleanser, as this may effect the finish. Let the stone dry (a fan speeds the dry time). With a large, clean, soft rag, wet the surface with the sealer (use gloves). Apply a thin even coat and wipe up the excess with a clean rag. Any sealer left puddled on the surface will dry glossy. If necessary, reapply after the surface appears dry. A 3rd coat may be necessary if the stone has been stripped.

A Honed (satin) finish with a 1″ hand-tooled border detail is standard on all our Benjamin Grey Stone table tops. Standard Benjamin Grey width is 3/4″ thick (an approximate width due to surface variation in the natural material). Stoneline produces Benjamin Grey table tops in any size up to 60×108″. Larger table tops are constructed in multiple pieces, up to 30′ long.