Axis Ping Pong Conference Table Hybrid

Pictured: AXIS Conference Table 60x108x30″h with a 2 piece, Absolute Black Granite top. “Cross-hatch Brushed” Steel legs support structural I-beams that are unified with a lower shelf.

A Ping Pong Conference table scaled at regulation Table Tennis proportions for after meeting play. The Stone top has a lightly blasted texture for a soft matte finish, and hellashish ball movement. Rubber spacers separate the two Stone top sections for protection from vibration during use. The break in the top also doubles as a simple wiring alternative, allowing cords to pass from the shelf below, between the Stone sections in the space provided by the rubber spacers. The integral shelf holds power & data strips with their wires feeding through a center wiring column to a floor outlet below. The large shelf also holds paddles, balls, and the net when in conference mode.

Call for Pricing  for a 60x108x30″h AXIS Ping Pong Conference Table/ Hybrid with a 2 piece Absolute Black Granite top, net assembly and attached wiring shelf.

Pictured: AXIS Console Table 18x60x34″h with Cleft Black Slate.
See the Axis Console product page.

The extensive Axis line features Stone or Glass tops supported by structural Steel I-beams and 1/2″ thick plate Steel legs. The two separate legs and I-beam structures are joined in this Table Tennis/ Conference Table hybrid adaptation by the lower shelf and stabilized by the weight of the heavy two-piece Stone top. The Axis custom Steel Conference Table is part of an extensive line that can adapt for many size, shape & wiring requirements, for large Conference tables to 30′.

Options: Small Conference Tables: Single piece tops: 36/42/48/54″ x 90/96/108/120″ x 29″h Large Conference Tables: Multiple piece tops: 42/48/54/60″ x 120/150/180/216/240″ x 29″h. Hot-Rolled Steel: The underlying mill texture on the hot-rolled, plate Steel legs reads below the distinct brush patten for a refined industrial look. Steel I-beams: Leg plates are bolted to parallel Blasted Steel I-beams. The bottom of the steel legs are protected with a plastic glide, and the tops of the I-beams have a rubber strip to support the Glass or Stone tops. Companion furniture pieces from the Axis line include Executive and Reception Desks, bookcases, Credenzas, Consoles, and meeting tables. Highly adaptable for applications like this Table Tennis Conference Table combination.

Clear, Frosted (Green or Blue), Back-Painted (Silver or White) and "Scratched" glass tops are available with a Clear border ("Patterned") option. Clear & Diffused Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-painted Glass is opaque. Conference Tables to 30' in multiple sections.
Stone tops have a Blasted or Hand-chiseled border. Options include Absolute Black Granite (Honed or Polished), Cleft Black Slate and Honed Jerusalem Limestone (Gray or Beige).
Steel I-beams have a Blasted finish while 1/2" plate Steel legs are textured with a variety of Brush patterns and sealed with a clear Lacquer. Leg plate finish textures include: "Cross-hatch Brushed" (pictured), "Light Cross-hatch Brushed","Horizontal Brushed" or "Buffed" texture. A regimented brush pattern exposes the random mill finish pressed into molten steel during the "Hot Rolled" fabrication process.