Axis Hybrid Table

Axis Hybrid Table 60″ x 108″ x 30″h with a 2 piece, Absolute Black granite top. Crosshatched steel legs support structural I-beams that are unified with a lower shelf.

A conference table scaled at regulation Table Tennis proportions for after meeting Ping Pong play. The stone top has a lightly blasted texture for a soft matte finish on the playing surface. Rubber spacers separate the two top sections for protection from vibration during use. The break in the top also doubles as a simple wiring alternative, allowing cords to pass from the shelf below. The integral shelf holds power and data strips with wires feeding through a center wiring column to a floor outlet below. The large shelf also holds paddles, balls, and the net when in conference mode.

Axis Console Table 18″ x 60″ x 34″h.
See the Axis Console product page.


Custom sizing available. Call for pricing.


Clear, Ultra Clear, Frosted (White, Blue or Green), Back-Painted (Silver or White), and Crosshatched Glass tops are available. Clear and Frosted Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-Painted Glass is opaque. Specialty Fusion Glass also available on most items.
Absolute Black Granite.
Steel I-beams have a Blasted finish while 1/2" plate Steel legs are textured with a variety of Brush patterns and sealed with a clear lacquer. Leg plate finish textures include: Crosshatched (pictured), Light Crosshatched Brushed, Horizontal Brushed or Buffed texture. A regimented brush pattern exposes the random mill finish pressed into molten steel during the hot rolled fabrication process.