Crescent White Glass Modern Conference Table

Crescent White Glass Conference, 54″ x 150″ x 29.5″h, Walnut pedestals with Stainless Steel panels, 4″d wiring grommets and a Boat Shape, White Frosted Glass top in three sections.

Crescent Lectern, 24″ x 24″ x 42″h, Cherry with Black Granite. See the CRESCENT Lectern product page. 

The Crescent Conference Table is part of a full line of contemporary Conference Room furniture that includes, small Meeting Tables, Lecterns, Credenzas, Conference Tables, and Desks.

Single piece tops: widths-42/48/54″ x lengths-90/96/108/120″ x heights-29/30/40/42″h

Multiple piece tops: widths-42/48/54/60/72″ x lengths-96/120/150/180/216″ x heights-29/30/40″h.

The pedestal’s curved side panels are Horizontal Brushed Stainless Steel as standard (optional- Wood veneer panels with horizontal grain orientation). The side trim detail that separates the curved panels, coordinates with the finish on top of the pedestals, and can be specified as Wood Veneer or Blasted Steel. A tube Steel rail structure has integrated leveling for top height adjustment. Rails connect multiple pedestals that are placed between seats, allowing a target of 30″ per chair.

Clear, Ultra Clear, Frosted (White, Blue or Green), Back-Painted (Silver, Blue and White), and Crosshatched Glass tops are available. Clear and Frosted Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-Painted Glass is opaque. Specialty Fusion Glass also available on most items.
Absolute Black Granite
Brushed Stainless Steel panels are riveted to a curved form and are removable for wiring access. The unique horizontal Brush pattern is applied in long strokes that stretch the width of the panel and read as horizontal stripes. Concave end coves are finished in Blasted Steel or Wood veneers. A Solid Aluminum rail structure is Brushed except on the top which is Blasted for less reflectivity under Glass tops.
4"d wiring grommets with a Brushed Aluminum cap have 2 power and 2 data outlets, and a pass-through hole for an additional corded audio-visual jack. Grommets can be placed in a pedestal, or between pedestals with housing that mounts to the center rails.

Wiring troughs can be specified that hold a combination of power and data jacks, and are hidden under sliding covers. The Stone, Glass or Wood top is built in sections around the Brushed Aluminum trough. Wires run in the trough, or under the center rails between pedestals.

Pass-through wiring holes can also be specified.

The hollow pedestals of the Crescent line have removable Stainless Steel panels for interior access and can be placed over a floor outlet for seamless wiring integration.