Radian Stone Top Dining Table

Pictured: Radian Stone Top Dining Table. 40″ x 72″ x 29.5″h. Brushed Steel on a 4 leg pedestal with center wiring column and a 4″ d wiring grommet. Paired Blasted Steel rails secure 1/2″ thick plate Steel legs in a versatile rail system that can adapt to many size, shape & wiring requirements.


Single piece tops: 42/48″ x 90/96/108/120″ x 29.5″h
Multiple piece tops: 42/48/54/60″ x 96/120/150/180/216″ x 29.5″h.


Clear, Frosted (White, Blue or Green), Back-Painted (Silver, Black or White) and Crosshatched glass tops are available. Clear and Frosted Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-Painted Glass is opaque.
The double rail system has a Blasted finish while 1/2" plate Steel legs are textured with a variety of Brush patterns and sealed with a clear lacquer. Leg plate finish textures include: Crosshatched, Light Crosshatch Brushed, Horizontal Brushed or Buffed (pictured) texture. A regimented brush pattern exposes the random mill finish pressed into molten steel during the hot roll fabrication process.
4"d wiring grommets have 2 power and 2 data outlets with a pass-though hole for additional corded audio/visual jacks. They are fitted in the end of a Blasted Steel wiring column that extends down to become a structural element, linking the radiating legs. The column is held 3/4" above the floor to sit over a floor outlet. An optional wire chase runs between pedestals and a 4"d grommet housing can be added between pedestals if needed. Pass-through wiring holes can also be specified.