Tangent Granite Open Center Conference Table

Tangent Granite Conference Table with an open center, 8′ x 14′ x 29.5″h with 6 pedestals, 4- 4″d wiring grommets and a 4 piece, Rectangle outer shape top in polished Absolute Black Granite, with an arced 2 sides shape center opening.  The pedestals are Blasted steel with a Black Powder-coated base with integrated wiring.

Multiple pedestals support Large Stone or Glass Conference Tables tops to 30′.

Single pedestals: Square or round tops from 42″ to 60″ in 6″ increments, 29.5″h

Multiple pedestals: 36/42/48/54/60/72″ x 90/96/120/150/180/216/240″ x 29.5″h


Clear, Ultra Clear, Frosted (White, Blue or Green), Back-Painted (Silver or White), and Crosshatched Glass tops are available. Clear and Frosted Glass tops expose the table structure whereas Back-Painted Glass is opaque. Specialty Fusion Glass also available on most items.
Absolute Black Granite
Pedestals combine Blasted Steel with Brushed Aluminum side supports on a Black powder-coated base plate. Single pedestals 54"d are standard without the Brushed Aluminum side supports, although they can be added as an option. The Steel rail structure is painted Gray to read as Aluminum under diffused Glass.
4"d wiring grommets have 2 power and 2 data outlets with a pass-through hole for an additional corded audio/visual jack. Wires run under the center rails between pedestals and a 4"d grommet housing can be added between pedestals if needed. Pass-through wiring holes can also be specified.